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Touch screen software on the Microsoft Surface

Friday 26 March 2010 @ 2:44 pm

Students from the University of Duisburg, Essen, have created a poker game for the Microsoft Surface. We all know Windows 7 and Windows Mobile software both support touch screen technology. But nothing is as impressive as their Microsoft Surface.
This touch screen software combines the multi-touch Surface capabilities and mobile phones. Players can look at the cards on their mobile phones. Or hide them by tilting the phone.
Chips and cards can be moved by your finger and there are a few cool poker related gestures.

  • Tapping the table is used for the call action.
  • Tapping on the card turns it around and shows it.
  • Tapping the chips splits them to smaller chips and holding your finger over a group of chips for a second, merges them into a single chip.
  • Folding (and laying the cards on the table) is done by shaking the phone horizontally.

It also allows rotation of cards and chips, as expected from a multi-touch technology.
It may not be the most practical or the cheapest solution (compared to a pack of cards, for example). However, the concept itself is simply amazing from the touch screen software perspective, introducing some fresh and innovative gestures like tilting and throwing.

Check out the video:

Walky software controls robots with iPhone touch screen

Sunday 21 March 2010 @ 8:41 pm
How to capture human walking, jumping or playing patterns to virtual characters or humanoid robots? Game controllers and keyboards are limited and pose a problem for beginner users.
Introducing the Walky concept.
Walky software controls a robot trough iPhone’s touch screen software.
Yuta Sugiura and his colleagues from Keio University, have developed a new concept for controlling robots and virtual characters.
Bipedal walking robot mimics the human walking where fingers are used as analogy to human legs.
Walky can be used to control walking, turning, jumping, kicking and sidestepping. All this with natural finger gestures as interface.
Finger actions are captured, sent to Walky touch screen software and transferred to the robot.
This provides a very intuitive controlling interface, since users don’t need to go through a learning cycle, to understand the instructions.

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