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Feel Me, Touch Me

Friday 7 September 2012 @ 1:02 pm

Since Microsoft hired the Rolling Stones for the product launch of Windows 95 to play the song Start Me Up 12 years ago do not be surprised if some Consumer Electronics vendor licenses a song from The Who with the title: Feel Me, Touch Me.

We have really reached the George Jetson age with touch input technology. As I create this entry I manipulate the screen using Apples Magic Pad. While it works great in Apples Mountain Lion, using virtualization technology I am delighted to report the multi point touchpad does well with Windows 8 as well.

And folks, that is just the beginning. On 6 September 2012 updated the Kindle family with an entire refresh of the Fire lineup. Yes, they also have improved there bi-tonal offerings as well.

Mere days from now Apple will do something stunning to the world with its iPhone 5. Certainly the holiday battle season for your hard-earned dollars in 2012 is shaping up.

The centerpiece of all this evolution/revolution comes down to two things. Battery-powered handheld computers and multitouch capacitance-based touchscreens.

The new Kindle Fires feature 10 point touch technology. And we’re not done yet.

Combined with efficient batteries, low-power yet powerful Integrated Circuits and wireless technology that really moves the missing link has always been touch.

Consider human development. A Homo sapien with a mere single year on the planet is not able to really speak and just learning to walk. However he/she is able to do one thing beyond soil the diapers. That is point with a finger.

Clearly it is the most intuitive methodology of communication we have as humans. Quickly disappearing off the planet is the old resistive technology. Capacitance driven touchscreens are becoming part of our daily lives.

While is always been a natural form of communication the technology has not been there for a satisfying user experience, until now.

As stated above, we’re not done yet. Coming out of the research and development labs into actual products the next step is tactile feedback. This means you will feel where you touched, when you touched it to confirm input.

Apple already has approved patents on this technology. I promise others are following as well.

It’s quite exciting to see touch technology moving from an AC powered computer to portable tablets while improving the user experience. Let’s see where this goes

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