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You Paint Touch Screen Painting Software

If you want a fun packed application for painting then you should try CyberLink YouPaint. This touch application gives you brushes, a color palette, pens, tracing paper, stamps and more for your entertainment. The application is optimized for touch screen computers.

Drawing Tools

You can select four different drawing tools which include, pencil, chalk, crayon, or marker. These tools can be adjusted to suit your needs and what you want to create with them. You’ll feel like you’re using these when you make your drawing. You get 60 different colors to work with so it’s like having a giant box of crayons at your disposal. You can create various lines with a different thickness too. This application is fun for kids too and you can draw and paint together with the program.


Use the program to get creative with a library of tracing papers with animals, vehicles and more. Use your own photographs for tracing as well and creative original works with this touch drawing program. Use the paint bucket and painting tool as well as your color palette to make painting. You can erase everything if you don’t like it and just start all over again. You can sign up with the software and share your creations with others.
Use the image bloom to copy and paste images anywhere in the same image you’re working on for a swirl-like effect from different images. This makes it easy to make a full drawing with plenty of the same thing such as trees or flowers.
The program has a stamp feature where you can apply 76 different stamps to your artwork. Move and rotate the stamps to get different effects with ease. Use your own images to make your own stamps to sue in the program.

Print and Save

With this drawing program you can save everything and work on it later in your library. Use a landscape, portrait, color or greyscale feature to print out your work to share with others. Take your drawing and email it to friends and family directly from the program. Surprise a parent at work with a new drawing from a child.

Excellent Paint Program for Families

CyberLink YouPaint is an excellent painting and drawing touch program for families as it’s simple to use and you can do so much with it. This program is highly recommended if you want to draw and paint without the headaches of complicated software.

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